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   The members of the Chicago Federation of Musicians are talented, professional musicians, working locally, nationally and around the world. The almost 3000 members of Local 10-208 strive for the highest levels of musicianship in their performances. The Chicago Federation of Musicians represents a wide variety of musicians including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Lyric Opera of Chicago Orchestra, the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra, the musicians playing in the theater pits of Broadway shows and the musicians recording commercials and broadcasts.

   The CFM also represents the talented musicians who play corporate and private events, whose knowledge and experience is invaluable in making your event successful. The members of the Chicago Federation of Musicians perform all styles of music including Jazz, Classical, Latin, Folk, Blues, Reggae and more. To find the best in musical services for your event view the CFM Source. You will find soloists, ensembles and bands for whatever type of event you are planning. Or if you need arrangers, copyists or an orchestrator they are also in the CFM Source.

   The Chicago Federation of Musicians is a Local of the American Federation of Musicians, the world's largest union representing musicians. The American Federation of Musicians with almost 100,000 members is an advocate for musician’s rights. Members can participate in the pension fund, which can help members with retirement income. Discounts are available for medicine; health care and dental care through the Union Plus discount programs.

Music in the Schools

Go here to find information about CFM soloists and ensembles that are available through our Music in the Schools program. We have a wide variety of performers that present educational concerts for pre-school through high school audiences. Not only do our musicians perform, they bring historical and educational information to your students to enrich their understanding of the instruments being played. Many musical styles are represented:  classical, jazz, bluegrass, reggae, and music that is just plain fun! Our performers take listeners on imaginary trips to countries such as Cuba, Brazil, and Germany to name a few and explore musical traditions of other cultures. There is even a program that features music with some magic tossed in. There is a little bit of everything so take a look and see what our musicians have to offer.

Available ensembles.
Call us at 312-782-0063 or EMAIL for more details.


 Missing Instrument Alert 

   A viola made by George Wulme Hudson, labeled 1915 but inscribed with the date 1907 on the top block. (One piece back) Last seen by owner at Dixon and Stein violins in 2012 where it was consigned. Any leads on the whereabouts of this instrument would be greatly appreciated.   Please contact for details or leads.The two piece table is of spruce with medium grain widening to the flanks . The one piece back is maple c ut on the quarter with narrow flame slanting slightly from top left to bottom right. The ribs are of similar material to the back and the scroll is made of plain maple. The varnish is yellow-brown in color over a golden ground. Measurements taken of the back: 406mm—184mm—126mm—236.5mm



Liability insurance is being required more and more in the freelance field and it can be expensive to obtain. The CFM is  launching a pilot program that offers liability coverage for members in good standing, who file a contract and submit a request form for the date that liability insurance is needed. It is FREE to members in good standing. Read more or call the office at 312-782-0063 to find out more.

Check the Audition Notices on the Members Only side of the website for openings.

Check the News and Events section for events and notices.


 Show your pride in America's labor movement and middle class by displaying a sign in your front window or on your lawn. The CFM has yard signs available for pick up. Call us at 312-782-0063 to find out more

The AFM offers Travel Tips to better prepare

members for carry on issues on airlines.

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   Friends of AFM is an organization designed for people who are not AFM members but want to show their support for musicians, music and art policies. People who sign up and become members will receive periodic notices informing them of art, music and labor policy in the nations capitol and asking for support. Please CLICK HERE to sign up
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