The COVID-19 pandemic has led to mass cancellations of performances. This has hit our industry hard, and musicians are facing a significant loss of income.

There are several links to check out for emergency assistance. First, to learn as much as possible about COVID-19 -- risks, prevention and treatment -- please go to the AFM's information page. This provides links to pages regarding public health such as the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization and Public Health Departments in the United States:

For financial assistance, please go to the following:

Also be advised that Ray Hair, president of the AFM, is working with government to enact legislation to bring relief to those affected by this crisis:

Until this is over, please stay home as much as possible, wash your hands often and follow the CDC webpage for updates.

AFL-CIO information and resources for union members.  Updated regularly.

The Chicago Theatre Musicians Association (TMA) has a page that also contains some very helpful links. In Solidarity, The Officers and Staff of the Chicago Federation of Musicians.