Musicians Union To Aid In Recovery Effort


Chicago Federation of Musicians, Local 10-208, Chicago, Illinois


For Immediate Release:


Music professionals from the Chicago Federation of Musicians have recently initiated a program called Music Helping All Recover Together (M-HART).  Performances will take place across the Chicago Metro area in an effort to return the joy and healing of live music to a weary public.    

So far the program has funded 30 concerts in support of local food pantries, first responders, the physically disabled, and local neighborhoods.  Nearly 100 musicians have been employed in the effort. This program intends to provide a "soundtrack for the recovery" and is in need of your support.  Please consider donating to our effort.

The music community has been devastated by the work stoppage that has resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic.  We remain in crisis as our employment is not expected to return in the immediate future.  Please be on the lookout for M-HART performances and support local professional musicians in any way you can.  We look forward to bringing the comfort of live, professional music back into the lives of our beloved Chicago community.  


Contact: BJ Levy, Chicago Federation of Musicians, Secretary-Treasurer

Office phone: 312-782-0063, ext. 333

Cell phone: 773-562-6206