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Dear [State Legislator's Name],

I am writing to express my strong support for the Music and Musicians Tax Credit and Jobs Act (SB 3395 Feigenholtz / HB 5759 Chung) and urge you to support this important piece of legislation. As a constituent and a member of the music community in Illinois, I believe this bill is crucial for the growth and sustainability of our state's creative industries.

Musicians, music teachers, and other creative artists are integral to the fabric of Illinois' economy. They contribute not only culturally but also economically, providing jobs, boosting production capacity, and enhancing our state's reputation as a hub for creativity and innovation. The Music and Musicians Tax Credit and Jobs Act will help protect and uplift these vital industries and professionals.

The bill's provisions, such as the establishment of a 10% tax credit for companies engaged in music production and infrastructure projects dedicated to music and theatre, will incentivize investment in our creative sectors. Additionally, the creation of a Music Educator Scholarship Fund will ensure that future generations of music professionals have the support they need to thrive in Illinois.

It's worth noting that similar programs in other states, such as Tennessee, New York, and Louisiana, have generated millions in tax revenue while supporting and promoting their local music industries. By passing this bill, Illinois has the opportunity to follow suit and reap the economic and cultural benefits of a vibrant music scene.

Furthermore, the bill's emphasis on utilizing unionized labor for infrastructure projects aligns with our state's commitment to fair wages and workforce development. By supporting projects that employ Illinois union musicians, composers, stage and sound hands, and tradesmen at a prevailing wage, we can ensure that our music industry remains strong and sustainable.

I urge you to stand with Illinois musicians and creative professionals by supporting the Music and Musicians Tax Credit and Jobs Act. This program is a vital expansion of the successful Live Theatre Production Tax Credit and will be overseen by the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) to ensure its effectiveness and revenue impact.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to seeing your support for this important legislation.


[Your name]

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