Chicago Federation of Musicians
656 West Randolph St.
Suite 2W
Chicago, IL 60661

Open Monday thru Friday 9AM-5PM
Ph 312-782-0063
Fax 312-782-7880

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Who should I call/e-mail with the following questions? 

  Main Office - (312) 782-0063 

  Membership Questions/Updates (Change of address, phone, etc., find another member's phone number, get another local's information):  Call Sandra Castellanos at ext. 136

  Wage Scale Information:  Call Vice-President Leo Murphy at ext. 222,

  Contract Information:  Call Vice-President Leo Murphy at ext. 222,

  Work Dues Questions:  Call Nancy VanAacken at ext. 132,

  Music Performance Funds (MPF): Call Vice-President Leo Murphy at ext. 222,

  Website:  Call Secretary-Treasurer B J Levy at ext. 333,

  Electronic Media:  Call Dean Rolando at ext. 150,

  Pension Questions: Call Vice-President Leo Murphy at ext. 222,

  Health Insurance Questions: Call Nick Moran at ext. 119,

  Instrument Insurance Information: Call Gwen Redmond at ext. 153,

  Death Benefits: Call Gwen Redmond at ext. 153,

  All Other Questions:  Call ext. 9 for a Menu of Options

    Who should I contact with my new address and/or phone number?

  You may email that information to, fax it to (312)782-7880, or mail it to us. When updating your address, please don’t forget to include a new phone number is there is one.

  How do I get contact information on other members?

  If the member belongs to the CFM, call membership (ext. 136), or go to our website and click on “Member Lookup” which will show the member’s phone number and email.

  If the members belongs to another local, call the AFM membership department (212) 869-1330 or go to the member’s section of, scroll to the bottom and click on “Membership Roster Search”.

  How do I resign from the CFM?

  Contact our membership department (ext. 136) they will assist you.

  How do I transfer my membership to another local?

  Call the membership department (ext. 136) they will help you in the process.

  What if I don’t get paid for a gig?

  Contact Leo Murphy or Terry Jares. They will tell you what you what to do. As you have filed the contract, we will go through the proper legal channels to obtain your compensation at no cost to you.

  I’m not sure that I was paid the correct amount. Can I call the local without the leader or contractor finding out?

  Yes. You can call anonymously, give us the details of the job and we’ll tell you what you should be paid.  If you have indeed been underpaid, we will try to get you the proper compensation.