Benefits of Joining

Wage Scales:
Members participate in the establishment of minimum wage scales and working conditions for various types of musical employment. Union contracts require compliance with these scales and insure that musicians and their performances are not exploited.

Pre-Printed, Legal Contracts:
Contracts suitable for all types of engagements are available free of charge. These easy-to-use contracts contain appropriate language for the resolution of disputes and provide protection for both musician and purchaser. When properly signed and filed, they are enforced by the union and its attorneys. These contracts allow pension contributions to be made for each listed musician.

Locally Negotiated CBAs/Collective Bargaining Agreements:
Local 10-208 currently has agreements with many employers in the Chicagoland Area including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Lyric Opera of Chicago, the Grant Park Symphony, the major theaters in the downtown theater district and off-Loop theater district as wall as ballets and opera.

AFM Negotiated Electronic Media Agreements:
The AFM negotiates agreements for all electronic media employment that include reuse and new use payments, pension, and health and welfare benefits. These cover many areas including CDs, public and commercial television/radio broadcasts, commercials and broadcast concerts.

Multi-Employer-Paid Pension Fund:
Employer paid contributions to the American Federation of Musicians - Employers Pension Fund are a part of most Local 10-208 contracts. Vesting requires contributions on $3,000 of earned wages in each of 5 consecutive years.

Canadian Cultural Exchange:
The American Federation of Musicians will act as your sponsor for engagements in Canada. Forms are available at the Local 10-208 office and must be completed at least 30 days prior to the performance.

Emergency Traveling Musician Assistance:
The American Federation of Musicians offers assistance to traveling members through their toll-free number 1-800-ROADGIG. If you have filed the proper union contracts and are then stiffed by a club owner on the road, help is only a phone call away.

Membership Directory:
A published directory of all members, including address, phone, e-mail, and instruments played is offered. Also included are our Local 10-208 bylaws, wage scale info, instructions on how to fill out a contract and local advertisers.

Local 10-208 supports the Chicago Music Coalition by helping to underwrite clinics and music business workshops dealing with a wide variety of issues that are important to musicians.

Online Musician Referral Service (GO PRO Musician Source):
Register yourself and/or your group with this online referral service. You can upload sound files, text and link to your home page if you have one.

Professional Publications:
All members receive the AFM International Musician and the Local 10-208 Intermezzo. These publications keep you on top of all union business, job openings, auditions, events, and articles of interest to musicians.

AFM Website:
The American Federation of Musicians,, offers downloadable contracts/scales, articles and many other resources.

Personal Page on Local 10-208 Website: includes Local 10-208 events, music links, archives, and a CD Store. The site keeps you up to speed with things of importance to local musicians. You can also upload a picture and bio, link to your website and social media, as well as post examples of your playing!

Liability Insurance:
Liability protection is available to members in good standing through the CFM Liability Insurance Plan. Protect yourself and your band. Someone trips over a cord and wants to sue? You're covered.

Union Plus Programs:
The Union Plus Program was created by the AFL-CIO to bring union members and their families high quality consumer benefits and services. Programs include Union Plus MasterCard, Loan, Mortgage, Legal Services, and Health needs. Visit for the latest information.