Music in the Schools

Available to all public and private schools across Northern Illinois, the Chicago Federation of Musicians co-funds performances geared for preschool through high school students. Our musicians will perform one 45-minute concert or, alternately, two 30-minute programs for different audiences. Consider pairing up with another school nearby for two 30-minute performances scheduled within two hours! The CFM will match the cost dollar for dollar.

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Educational Concert Fees--January 1, 2022-June 30, 2024

Number of MusiciansTotal CostCo-Pay Amount
Solo (1)$294.83$147.42
Duo (2)$461.48$230.74
Trio (3)$692.22$346.11
Quartet (4)$922.96$461.48
Quintet (5)$1,153.70$576.85
Sextet (6)$1,384.44$692.22

Cartage (transporting of large or numerous instruments) is not reflected in the cost above. The additional cost for cartage can be seen on the cartage table and should be added to the total cost shown above. The Chicago Federation of Musicians provides co-funding for 50% of the Total Cost of the performance. The co-pay amount is your organization’s cost for the performers. All performances must be pre-approved with the Chicago Federation of Musicians in order to receive co-funding.

Browse the approved ensembles listed below.
Need more information? Call our offices at 312-782-0063 or contact us.


Touch Bass with Alan

A fun and interactive introduction to music using humor, performance and audience participation. "Painless education" not a concert. A conversation with the audience interspersed with short musical excerpts and melodies, sometimes to illustrate or just to listen. A feature is teaching about the rhythm section and what it takes to be a part of an ensemble.

Phone Alan at 847-280-1927


String Fusion

StringFusion’s school show is a musical journey through time and geography. Led by former Cirque du Soleil violinist Edgar Gabriel StringFusion demonstrates how music from many different cultures and countries converged in the Americas to create Blues, Rock and Roll, Latin, Jazz, Country and Pop music. Edgar also demonstrates how the violin and other instruments were essential to the creation of jazz, blues etc. Audience participation is encouraged especially in the Latin and Blues segments. This show includes the music of J.S. Bach, Michael Jackson, Jean Luc Ponty, Jimi Hendrix, Tito Puente, Chick Corea, a Gypsy Csardas, Irish Jig, Duke Ellington and the Allman Brothers. While this show is educational it is highly entertaining and much of the music is dance music.

The show starts with a dance number from the Middle East, then to India (or China) and to Eastern Europe with a Gypsy Csardas. Then to Ireland with a Jig and Germany with a Gavotte by Bach. Then the musicians travel across the sea to the Caribbean and play a Mambo. Edgar briefly explains how Afro-Caribbean music was created by a combination of Spanish, African, Native Americans and other cultures. The group then moves to New Orleans to present swing jazz and then up the Mississippi to Chicago for some Blues “Sweet Home Chicago”. Country music is then highlighted with Charlie Daniel’s “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”, Followed by Rock and Roll with Chick Berry’s “Roll Over Beethoven”. The group then plays a classic rock tune by Edgar Winter (or the Allman Brothers) and winds up with a pop tune such as Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature”.

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Midwestern Charm. International Appeal.

Whether through our collaboration with Reach*Teach*Play Ravinia, the Chicago Brass Festival, or the Dubuque Arts Council Musician Residency Program, The Alliance Brass has developed educational programming and curriculum to musically meet students where they are. For younger audiences, S.T.E.A.M. learning objectives are the focus while for our junior high and high school programs, we provide masterclasses/sectionals, recitals, and lecture recitals. Read more about our offerings on our Educational Programs Digital Brochure or contact The Alliance Brass today! or Kelly at 773-771-8237.

Amber Trio

Amber Trio

The AMBER TRIO specializes in music written for double reeds. Together they play music of many different and diverse styles from the Baroque to the Contemporary eras.

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Arnold Brostoff0001

Arnold Brostoff

A Chicago native and member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra since 1964, Arnold Brostoff has successfully combined careers as a violinist, conductor and composer.
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Brassworks performs as a quintet offering child familiar classical, jazz, and popular compositions by a wide variety of famous composers.
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Chicago Classic Brass

The Chicago Chamber Brass

The Chicago Chamber Brass offer 3 different educational programs to inform and educate their audiences.
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Chicago Percussion Quintet

The Chicago Percussion Quintet

The Chicago Percussion Quintet provides educational and entertaining programs for all ages of students.
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Elise Duo

The Coalesce Duo

COALESCE DUO is a collaboration between Elise Dalleska and Jeff Kowalkowski. They present concerts of many generes (classical, pop, jazz/blues, American fiddle, new music and the classics of Cole Porter/Gerswhin/etc).
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The Hard Times Bluegrass Band

The Hard Times Bluegrass Band, Keith Baumann

This is an opportunity to experience Bluegrass music, one of the few truly American musical art forms featuring songs and tales of America’s rich culture
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Ernie Hines

Ernie Hines

This is a program that features gospel, country, reggae and ethnic music along with stories about the life of a musician.
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Hute 47 - Monty and Phillis Adams

A refreshing and sophisticated program demonstrating how two different instruments (harp and flute) work and sound together.
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To contact Hute 47 call: 847-869-6150 or 312-848-0156.

Jeff Kowalkowski C

Jeff Kowalkowski

Jeff Kowalkowski has a solo program as well as a duo and a classical trio.
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Jimmys Bavarians

Jimmy’s Bavarians

Jimmy’s Bavarians can take you on an educational tour through the music of the Oberkrainer, Tyrolean, Austrian, Swiss and Bavarian regions with stop-offs in the rest of Germany.
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Kaia Winds Quintet Aa

Kaia Winds Quintet

Kaia Winds take the “boring” out of chamber music performances with lively, captivating programs.
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Michael Folker The Magic Of Rhythm

The Magic of Rhythm

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Oddyssey Photo 1

The Odyssey Woodwind Quintet

The Odyssey Woodwind Quintet offers two educational programs, one for students ages 6 to 12 and another for 12 and older.
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Orion Ensemble

The Orion Ensemble

The Orion Ensemble is a nationally recognized group performing chamber music at the highest level.
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Phil Passen 1A

Phil Passen

Phil Passen presents an entertaining and educational program of Music of the Civil War. Phil sings and plays the beautiful and unusual hammered dulcimer.
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Primavera Players 1 A

Primavera Players

The Primavera Players spark excitement with their performances while giving the students a cultural and historical background of the compositions.
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Quintet Attacca

Quintet Attacca

Grand prize winner of the 2002 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition, Quintet Attacca is one of Chicago’s most dynamic chamber music ensembles.
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R G To Rp 2

"From Rag to Rap"

Enjoy musician Ralph Wilder and his band in "From Rag To Rap" a bright and upbeat tour of American popular music.
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Renovo String Quartet

The Renovo String Orchestra

The Renovo String Orchestra members are passionately involved in music education.....
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Roots Rock Society

Roots Rock Society Workshop

In this program, the audience learns about various musical styles, cultures and how they work together.
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Sherwen Moore

Sherwen Moore

This workshop is designed to be an intimate exchange between Sherwen and the students of music and the experience of being a professional musician.

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Wendy Db Funn Band

Wendy & DB and the Funn Band

In their exciting, interactive children's concerts, Wendy & DB capitalize on the curiosity and imagination that flourishes in kids-helping them to discover the world around them through music.