Books and publications from our esteemed members.  

Carl Bonafede

The Screaming Wildman

Vibrations from the Dawn of Chicago Rock

Lee Burswold

Six Preludes and Postludes (for C Instrument and Piano or Bb Instrument and


Alliance Publications, Inc.

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Tanya Lesinsky

CareyFather Lach’s Slovak Boys Band 1937 Tour of Europec

Vincent Cichowicz

Long Tone Studies

Flow Studies - Volume One

Paul Ciminello

Remember my Name

Richard Corpolongo

Improvisation (Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced)

217 Sequences For The Contemporary Musician

Patrick Dessent

(Sam Bennett)Memoirs of a Trumpet Teacher

Memoirs of a Trumpet Player

Martin Sisters Publishing

Nancy Fako

Philip Farkas and His Horn A Biography

Philip Orem

Songs to Throw at the Sun volume I, for voice and piano

poetry of Langston Hughes

A Wonder Is What It Is, for baritone and piano

poetry of Wendell Berry

Gordon Peters

The Drummer Man (“Visual ‘CD’”) A Treatise on Percussion

2003 Revised Edition

Percussive Arts Society 317-974-4488

Norman Schweikert

The Horns of Valhalla – Saga of the Reiter Brothers

John A. Wright/J.L. Cummings

John A. Wright - Autobiography of a Blessed Man $15. $20 if mailed.

Phone: (708) 720-0333