Recording Musicians - Signed and Unsigned

Whether you are working as a session player, writing jingles, or recording your band in your garage, the AFM is there to make sure that you get paid fairly and your work is protected now and in the future. You work hard producing recorded material. We work hard protecting your art for you. The AFM Electronic Media Services Division (EMSD) administers recording contracts negotiated between the AFM and record entities. These recording contracts cover the whole communications spectrum, including broadcast and non-broadcast media. The major types of agreements are for Records/CDs, Motion Pictures, Television Films, TV Variety Programs, TV and Radio Commercial Announcements, Radio, Non-broadcast Industrial Films, Video, and Interactive Media. The AFM monitors and tracks recordings and songs used in TV, Film, and Commercials which were not originally intended for that use and collects and distributes payment to musicians who performed on them.

Contact our Electronic Media Department if you need information or just want to find out more. Call Dean Rolando, Assistant to the President and Director of Electronic Media, at 1-312-782-0063 or email Dean at

Below is a partial selection of important AFM agreements related to different areas of the recording industry. These are provided for informational purposes and to further empower musicians in their decision making processes. Click on link to be taken to, a great place to start for information on all recording matters. Due to the complex nature of these agreements, we recommend that you contact our Electronic Media Department at the number and email listed above before executing any agreements with employers.